Invitae [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

About Invitae

Invitae stands at the forefront of medical genetic testing, integrating genetic data into everyday medical practice to enhance healthcare globally. This integration aims to make high-quality genetic testing more affordable and accessible, transforming patient care for millions. The company consolidates numerous genetic tests into a unified service that promises superior quality, quicker results, and reduced costs.

With a steadfast commitment to its mission, Invitae has seen remarkable growth. Test volumes and revenues have consistently doubled annually over the last four years. Rapid expansion has increased our workforce from 300 to over 1,000 employees within two years, significantly impacting hundreds of thousands of patients by providing crucial genetic insights.

Why Choose Medical Genetics?

Genetic information, encoded within our DNA, holds the potential to revolutionize personal health management. Invitae harnesses this potential by offering detailed genetic insights that aid in addressing a wide spectrum of health concerns. These range from rare genetic disorders and prevalent cancers to reproductive health. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology—like robotics and artificial intelligence—with top-tier genetic expertise to lead advancements in the medical genetics field.

Our Innovative Culture

At Invitae, innovation is not just encouraged—it’s a standard. Our culture promotes autonomy and responsibility, fostering an environment where every team member is urged to voice their ideas and make impactful decisions. We support this dynamic with flexible working conditions, unlimited paid leave, and remote work options for various positions, ensuring every employee has the chance to thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Our employees enjoy the freedom to work from virtually anywhere, aligning with our goal to make genetic health insights universally accessible. This flexibility not only attracts top talent but also supports a balanced, fulfilling work life.

Looking Ahead

Every new day at Invitae is a step towards a future where genetic information is a standard part of health decisions. We are dedicated to breaking new ground in this field, ensuring that more individuals can benefit from personalized medical insights based on their unique genetic makeup.

Our Aspirational Culture

While it’s challenging to encapsulate our culture succinctly, our goals are clear. We prioritize the collective over the individual, uphold radical honesty in communications, and embrace freedom coupled with accountability. Our actions are transparent and driven by data, maintaining a persistent urgency to achieve our objectives.

Invitae is more than just a company; it’s a community committed to pioneering a new era in healthcare. By offering remote job opportunities, we extend our inclusive culture beyond geographical boundaries, inviting diverse talents to join us in this transformative journey.