JBS [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

JBS, established in 1999, has grown into a premier technology strategy and custom application development firm. With headquarters in the greater Philadelphia area, this company serves a diverse national clientele, addressing global deployment needs. JBS is renowned for its advanced Multi Channel E-Commerce capabilities, comprehensive Line of Business Application Development, efficient Billing and Payment Systems, dynamic Content Management Systems, innovative Mobile Applications, and effective Loyalty Solutions.

The firm employs a team of highly skilled senior-level architects, developers, and project managers. These professionals are adept in utilizing cutting-edge technologies to meet and exceed client expectations. JBS specializes in a variety of technical and functional areas including .NET Framework, Open Source Stacks, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Mobile Solutions across Web, iOS, and Android platforms, E-Commerce, Custom Business Applications, Cloud-based Solutions utilizing Azure and AWS, along with UX/UI Design and Development.

One of the distinctive features of JBS is its remote work environment. All employees operate from home offices, which fosters flexibility and enhances productivity. By organizing staff into project teams focused on specific code requirements, JBS promotes a culture of accountability and innovation. This structure not only attracts top talent but also ensures high-performance outcomes for all clients.

For those aspiring to join a forward-thinking company that offers remote job opportunities, JBS represents an ideal choice. The company’s commitment to leveraging the latest technology trends paired with a remote work model provides a balanced and rewarding professional environment.