Jitbit [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Jitbit Software, established in 2005, thrives as a self-funded entity, emphasizing customer satisfaction above all. This company crafts Jitbit Helpdesk, a widely recognized help desk software application. Available in both on-premise server software and a SaaS cloud-hosted format, it caters to diverse business needs. With roots in the US, UK, and Latvia, Jitbit strikes a balance between substantial stability and agile responsiveness.

Unlike larger corporations that often move slowly, Jitbit’s modest size enables rapid decision-making and implementation. This agility ensures that each client receives personalized attention and swift service. Moreover, Jitbit offers remote job opportunities, appealing to talented professionals globally. This flexibility helps in attracting a diverse workforce, which contributes to innovative solutions and perspectives.

Since its inception, Jitbit has prioritized direct feedback from users to refine its products continuously. By maintaining profitability without external funding, the company invests heavily in product development and customer support. This strategy has cultivated a loyal customer base and a solid reputation in the software industry.

For those aspiring to join a dynamic team that values quick action and direct impact, Jitbit presents an ideal opportunity. The company’s commitment to efficiency and customer-centric approaches makes it a formidable player in the tech space.