KADO [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

KADO stands as a pioneering force in the digital transformation of professional networking and contact management. Originating from a keen observation of inefficiencies during our founders’ tenure at Morgan Stanley, this platform revolutionizes how professionals connect and manage their contacts. Traditional methods, reliant on physical business cards and manual data entry, paved the way for KADO’s innovative solutions.

Our offerings are extensive and cater to a diverse range of needs. Professionals can customize their digital business cards to mirror their company’s branding, ensuring a consistent corporate identity across all touchpoints. These virtual cards are not only visually appealing but also functional, equipped with features like lead capture through AI-driven technology. Users can snap a photo of a paper card and KADO will seamlessly convert it into a digital format.

Moreover, KADO enhances productivity with its integrated notes and task management capabilities. Users can jot down important details and set reminders directly within the app, streamlining their workflow. For those embedded in various software ecosystems, KADO offers robust CRM integration, supporting over a thousand systems through direct connections or via Zapier.

Relationship management is also a key component of our platform. By syncing with your Outlook email and calendar, KADO provides a comprehensive overview of your interactions, helping you stay on top of your professional relationships. Additionally, the app’s ability to download LinkedIn profiles aids in understanding shared backgrounds, which can be crucial for networking.

For organizations concerned with oversight and data security, KADO provides extensive admin controls. These tools allow for detailed analytics, privacy management, and team coordination, making it an ideal solution for large or expanding companies. Importantly, KADO supports remote work environments by offering all these services digitally, allowing team members to stay connected and productive from any location.

In summary, KADO is more than just a digital business card provider. It is a comprehensive platform that addresses the multifaceted challenges of modern professional networking. By leveraging technology, KADO ensures that every interaction and management task is handled with efficiency and ease, supporting professionals worldwide in building and maintaining valuable connections.