KittyCAD [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

KittyCAD is revolutionizing the hardware design industry with cutting-edge infrastructure and tools. This company, founded by Embedded Ventures in 2021, operates entirely remotely, offering flexibility and opportunities for talent globally. KittyCAD’s core mission is to transform mechanical CAD, which has not kept pace with modern demands. By introducing programmable CAD and a GPU-optimized engine, they are setting new standards in the field.

Their innovative Design API and Geometry Engine are crafted for contemporary computing environments. These tools are rigorously tested by both the KittyCAD team and their clients, ensuring high performance and reliability. The company’s commitment to modernizing hardware design tools empowers creators to turn visionary ideas into reality swiftly.

At KittyCAD, values are paramount. They focus on building superior tools that the team would use themselves, enhancing problem-solving strategies. Every user is viewed as a potential client, underscoring their emphasis on usability. Their drive to overhaul the CAD industry is relentless, mirroring their value of conquest. Transparency in communication is promoted to foster a non-toxic environment where psychological safety is prioritized. Moreover, accountability is a critical pillar, ensuring that all team members are responsible for their outputs and attentive to the collective needs of their colleagues and clients.

For professionals passionate about innovation and seeking a dynamic work environment, KittyCAD offers remote roles. These positions provide the chance to contribute to a pivotal shift in a vital industry from anywhere in the world. KittyCAD is not just creating tools; they are crafting a future where hardware design meets the speed of imagination.