Know Your Team

Know Your Team [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Know Your Team is a dynamic software platform dedicated to transforming managers into effective leaders. This tool facilitates one-on-one meetings, enables honest feedback, and fosters team rapport. With a suite of features designed for daily stand-ups, feedback sessions, and more, Know Your Team equips leaders with everything necessary to succeed.

Our comprehensive Knowledge Center draws on insights from over 15,000 individuals, providing data-driven guides and downloadable content. Managers can access over 10 interactive online masterclass sessions, led by our CEO Claire Lew, which focus on practical leadership skills.

Additionally, Know Your Team supports a thriving community of over 1,000 managers worldwide. This network allows leaders to share challenges, exchange best practices, and support each other in their leadership journeys. The platform’s tools include a One-on-One Meeting Tool with over 100 suggested questions, Culture Questions to uncover team insights, and Heartbeat Check-ins for regular updates.

Importantly, Know Your Team offers flexible remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work from various locations globally. This approach not only attracts top talent but also caters to a diverse workforce seeking flexibility and work-life balance. By offering remote roles, we embrace a modern work environment where productivity and collaboration thrive across borders.

Every feature and community interaction through Know Your Team is designed to make leadership less challenging and more rewarding. Whether it’s through engaging with our global community or utilizing our targeted tools, managers find valuable resources at their fingertips to lead with confidence and insight.