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Make School [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Make School is revolutionizing higher education with its innovative approach, blending liberal arts, computer science, and software development. This institution, located in San Francisco, is dedicated to equipping students with the skills necessary for thriving careers in technology and entrepreneurship. Graduates from Make School have secured positions at top companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple.

What sets this school apart is its commitment to inclusivity and affordability. A significant portion of the student body comes from underrepresented minority groups and low-income families. Make School’s unique tuition model allows students to pay based on their post-graduation earnings, aligning the school’s success with that of its students. This model is supported by notable investors including Y Combinator and Tim Draper.

Additionally, Make School offers remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work flexibly from various locations. This flexibility supports a diverse workforce and opens doors for talented individuals regardless of their geographical constraints. The remote roles span various functions, emphasizing the school’s commitment to adapting to modern work trends and needs.

As an equal opportunity employer, Make School values diversity and does not discriminate. This ethos is central to the culture here, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can contribute and thrive. Joining Make School means becoming part of a mission-driven team focused on closing the opportunity gap in education through innovation and a supportive community.

For those passionate about making a difference in education and seeking a dynamic work environment, Make School presents a compelling opportunity. Here, your efforts contribute directly to shaping the future of education and opening doors for the next generation of tech leaders. Working at Make School is not just a job; it’s a chance to be part of a movement that values growth, diversity, and the success of its students and employees alike.