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About Mastodon gGmbH

Mastodon gGmbH, a non-profit entity based in Germany, was established to develop the Mastodon software. This initiative began in 2016, spearheaded by Eugen Rochko. Discontent with Twitter’s trajectory, Rochko, an enthusiast of the platform since 2008, envisioned a decentralized microblogging service. His goal was to create a platform that was both user-friendly and independent of any central authority, suitable for daily interactions.

The official debut of Mastodon occurred in October 2016. Early financial support via Patreon allowed Rochko to dedicate himself to this venture after completing his studies. By April 2017, the project had achieved significant recognition, attracting global media attention. This pivotal moment marked a new chapter for Mastodon, highlighting its potential to alter the landscape of online communication.

In 2021, the project transitioned into a formally recognized gGmbH, solidifying its status as a non-profit organization. Mastodon’s commitment to open-source development continues to draw in a diverse community of developers and users who contribute to its evolution. As part of its expansion, Mastodon now offers remote job opportunities, appealing to talented individuals worldwide. This strategy not only broadens its talent pool but also supports a flexible and dynamic work environment.

Today, Mastodon stands as a testament to the power of community-driven projects in shaping digital communication tools that prioritize user autonomy and inclusivity.