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Mechanical Orchard [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Mechanical Orchard stands out as a pioneering software consultancy. This company specializes in crafting new applications and modernizing outdated systems. Their client base is diverse, encompassing everything from budding startups to established Fortune 500 companies. What sets them apart is their commitment to not only develop software but also to maintain and operate the systems they create. This approach allows their clients to concentrate on core business activities without the burdens of system management.

The expertise of Mechanical Orchard in software development has significantly influenced the industry. They are recognized for their contributions to the development of XP and other agile methodologies. By adhering to agile’s core principles, the company champions the use of cross-functional teams and collective ownership. Their methods promote test-driven development, encourage short feedback cycles, and foster continuous enhancement of processes.

One of the most appealing aspects of Mechanical Orchard is their provision of remote job opportunities. This flexibility demonstrates their understanding of modern work preferences and supports a balance between professional and personal life. Employees are encouraged to work in environments where they feel most productive, whether at home or elsewhere.

The values of generosity, ethics, effectiveness, and kindness are deeply embedded in the company’s culture. These values guide their operations and interactions, ensuring a positive impact on both clients and the community. Mechanical Orchard is not just about software development; it’s about building a sustainable and positive future in the tech industry.

In summary, Mechanical Orchard is not your typical software consultancy. They offer comprehensive services that extend beyond development to include ongoing system management, supported by a remote, flexible workforce. Their strong adherence to agile principles and a value-driven approach makes them a leader in the software consultancy field.