MiMedx [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

MiMedx is a pioneering biopharmaceutical entity focused on the development, manufacture, and distribution of regenerative biologics derived from human placental allografts, serving a broad spectrum of healthcare sectors. This innovative approach is encapsulated in our guiding principle, “Innovations in Regenerative Medicine,” which aims to equip physicians with advanced products and tissues that promote the body’s inherent healing abilities.

Utilizing our exclusive PURIONĀ® process, along with other advanced methodologies, we ensure the production of safe and effective allografts. This is achieved through meticulous aseptic processing techniques and the application of terminal sterilization. Our commitment to safety and efficacy is unwavering, reflecting our dedication to healthcare advancements.

Research and development form the bedrock of our operations. This focus has positioned us as a leader in placental-based product innovations. Our achievements include over 40 scientific and clinical publications, six completed Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), and an ongoing commitment to over 30 clinical studies. Furthermore, MiMedx boasts a significant portfolio of over 45 issued and allowed patents in placental tissue technologies, with an additional 90 applications pending.

Our educational efforts are highlighted by the publication of a Primer designed to inform the medical community about the regenerative properties of amniotic membrane allografts. To date, MiMedx has distributed over 1 million allografts across diverse medical fields including Wound Care, Burn Treatment, Surgical Applications, Orthopedics, Spine, Sports Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Dentistry.

Recognizing the modern workforce’s evolving needs, MiMedx proudly offers remote job opportunities. This initiative allows us to tap into a global talent pool, ensuring that our team is not only skilled but also diverse and dynamic. By embracing remote work, we foster a flexible and inclusive work environment that contributes to our innovative edge in regenerative medicine.

Our mission, to harness the power of regenerative medicine to improve patient outcomes, drives every aspect of our operations. Each development, from processing techniques to clinical trials, is aimed at enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare solutions. MiMedx remains committed to advancing healthcare through groundbreaking research, strategic innovation, and comprehensive education.