Mixcloud [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Mixcloud, established in 2009 and headquartered in London, operates as a pioneering audio streaming platform. This service supports creators in crafting deeper listening experiences and fostering robust fan communities. With a diverse catalog of over 50 million DJ mixes, radio shows, and podcasts, Mixcloud offers content from some of the finest DJs and cultural tastemakers globally. These are available for free on all devices, ensuring accessibility for all users.

The company’s mission focuses on enhancing direct support from fans to creators, aiming to foster a sustainable future for audio culture. Mixcloud operates under a fair and legal framework, which guarantees that artists, songwriters, and rights-holders receive their deserved royalties. Additionally, their innovative subscription model allows long-form audio creators to benefit directly from online revenues, promoting a healthier ecosystem within the industry.

Furthermore, Mixcloud provides opportunities for remote employment, enabling professionals from various locations to contribute to their vision without the need to relocate. This approach not only widens their talent pool but also supports diverse perspectives within the team. LOUD, Mixcloud’s cultural strategy and activation consultancy, collaborates with renowned global brands like Dr. Martens and Adidas. These partnerships aim to align cultural content with brand values, driving meaningful engagement across audiences.

By offering these remote roles, Mixcloud remains at the forefront of modern work arrangements, appealing to a broad spectrum of job seekers who prioritize flexibility and innovation in their careers. This strategy is part of why Mixcloud continues to lead in creating impactful connections between audio creators and their audiences worldwide.