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About Moz

Moz, initially SEOmoz, stands as a global leader in SEO software provision. Their tools simplify search engine optimization, making it accessible to a broad audience. With the Moz API, users access Linkscape web crawl data, enhancing various applications and tools including their campaign-based web app and Open Site Explorer.

While the main offices are located in Seattle, WA, Moz’s influence and presence are global. Team members, known as ‘mozzers’, often travel worldwide, engaging in conferences and local events. Since 2007, they have contributed to search-related events in over 15 countries.

The mission of Moz is to deliver superior software and educational resources. They aim to empower businesses, individuals, and organizations to maximize internet visibility and achieve significant success. This commitment was bolstered by an A round of financing from Ignition Partners and Curious Office in September 2007, which facilitated the development of their Linkscape web index.

Additionally, Moz is proud to offer remote job opportunities, embracing the flexibility that today’s workforce values. This approach not only attracts top talent from various locations but also supports a work-life balance that boosts creativity and productivity among team members.

By providing these remote roles, Moz continues to lead in fostering an inclusive and dynamic work environment. Their commitment to accessibility in both their products and their hiring practices helps them maintain a leading position in the SEO industry.

For those passionate about SEO and looking for a career that offers both challenge and flexibility, Moz presents an ideal opportunity. Their dedication to innovation and education in SEO ensures that both clients and employees have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.