Mynd [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Mynd stands as a pioneering force in the tech-enabled real estate sector, directly addressing the needs of an $85B+ market. With a focus on property management and real estate investment, particularly in Single Family Residential (SFR) homes, the company simplifies investment processes that were once cumbersome. By integrating cutting-edge technology with expert services, Mynd enables investors to handle their real estate activities entirely online.

Founded with the vision of making real estate investment as straightforward as investing in stocks or bonds, Mynd has revolutionized the industry by removing geographical and communicative barriers. This approach has not only democratized access to real estate investments but also enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of managing such assets. The company’s operations span 25 markets across the United States, ensuring a broad and impactful presence.

Recognized for its rapid growth, Mynd was named the #1 fastest-growing private company in the Bay Area in 2020. The firm draws on a wealth of expertise, attracting professionals from renowned companies such as McKinsey, Zillow, and Facebook. Supported by significant investments from leading venture capital firms like Lightspeed and Canaan, Mynd recently expanded its financial base through a $5 billion deal with Invesco Real Estate and a $53M funding round from QED Investors.

For those interested in real estate investment, Mynd offers a comprehensive platform that supports all aspects of property management and transactions. This includes the ability to find, finance, purchase, rent, manage, and sell properties without the need to travel. The company’s commitment to remote job opportunities further underscores its modern approach to work and investment, allowing team members and investors alike to engage from virtually anywhere.

Join Mynd to leverage a seamless, efficient, and remote-enabled real estate investment experience. Here, every step from acquisition to management is streamlined through innovative technology and expert guidance. This empowers both novice and seasoned investors to maximize their real estate portfolios with confidence and ease.