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About New Law Business Model

New Law Business Model (NLBM) is a pioneering firm in the legal industry, focusing on training, technology, and services. This company equips entrepreneurial lawyers with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop profitable law practices. These practices are dedicated to serving families and small business owners with significant impact and relevance.

Since its inception in 2006, NLBM has served over 3,030 lawyers. The company boasts a virtual team of more than 40 skilled professionals. These team members are committed to delivering top-tier education and comprehensive marketing services. Additionally, they focus on client engagement and automation, all provided remotely. This approach supports lawyers in creating a business model that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

The curriculum offered by NLBM encourages lawyers to move away from outdated and inefficient models of law practice. Instead, it promotes a transition to areas like estate planning and strategic business advising. These fields are not only more positive but also offer lucrative opportunities. By focusing on these specializations, lawyers can find both professional satisfaction and financial success.

Ultimately, New Law Business Model is dedicated to infusing law practices with both profitability and deeper meaning. They offer remote job opportunities, allowing lawyers to work flexibly and efficiently from various locations. This adaptability is crucial in today’s dynamic professional landscapes.

In summary, NLBM transforms traditional legal practices into modern enterprises that are both enjoyable and economically beneficial. They do this by providing remote, comprehensive support in education, client engagement, and strategic business services.