NodeSource [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Founded in 2014, NodeSource has established itself as the leading provider for organizations rapidly integrating Node.js into their technology stacks. This powerful technology underlies a vast array of applications, from web and mobile solutions to APIs and connected devices. Node.js is celebrated for its agility-enhancing capabilities and is a key component in the strategic technology plans of numerous enterprises.

NodeSource offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to support the deployment and operation of production-ready Node.js applications. These offerings provide critical insights into resource utilization, application performance, and security, facilitating a smoother operational workflow and heightened application reliability. The cornerstone of our product line is the N|Solid runtime, which serves as an advanced alternative to the standard Node.js runtime, focusing on minimal performance overhead and superior security features.

Our platform, N|Solid, ensures enhanced security measures and unmatched insight into application health and performance. It features customizable security protocols and real-time scans for vulnerabilities in third-party JavaScript modules, safeguarding applications from potential threats. Additionally, detailed metrics on application performance help our clients quickly pinpoint and resolve issues, optimize performance, and manage infrastructure costs effectively.

NodeSource is not just about providing technology solutions; we are committed to fostering a supportive environment for our clients. Our Professional Services and Support teams offer expert guidance and assistance, helping clients navigate the challenges of modern application development and maintenance. Moreover, we are proud to offer remote job opportunities, enabling a diverse range of talented professionals to contribute to our mission from anywhere in the world.

As Node.js continues to grow as the fastest-expanding open source project globally, NodeSource remains at the forefront, supporting every Fortune 500 company in some capacity. Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to leverage the full potential of Node.js, ensuring they can build, manage, and analyze mission-critical applications with confidence and efficiency.