nVisium [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

nVisium excels in application security and research, focusing on delivering solutions that resonate deeply with client needs. Since its inception in 2009, the company has been committed to enhancing software security throughout the development life cycle. This commitment extends from initial training to comprehensive assessments and a managed platform that tracks and measures performance effectively.

Our services are scalable, designed to accommodate the needs of individual developers or large teams spanning thousands. Integration with existing tools and software is seamless, ensuring that our solutions complement and extend your team’s capabilities without disruption. Whether initiating a new security protocol or enhancing an existing one, nVisium delivers substantial value.

With headquarters in the Washington DC area, nVisium caters to a diverse clientele across various industries. Our expertise is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, cutting-edge software startups, and key government bodies. We actively contribute to the community through presentations at major industry conferences and the development of open-source tools beneficial for developers and penetration testers alike.

Additionally, nVisium is proud to offer remote job opportunities, allowing professionals from across the globe to contribute to our mission. This flexibility supports a work-life balance while tapping into a wide pool of talent, driving innovation and expertise in our services.

By choosing nVisium, clients are assured of a partner that prioritizes their security needs with precision and proactive measures. Our approach not only secures applications but also empowers teams to build safer software from the ground up.