Optimism [Remote Jobs]

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About Optimism

Optimism operates as a Public Benefit Corporation, blending the pursuit of profit with the commitment to benefit society. This dual focus obligates us to consider both shareholder interests and broader community benefits. Our core mission revolves around advancing Ethereum’s technology and its values. By developing infrastructure that supports the expansion and durability of public goods, we contribute significantly to the blockchain ecosystem.

As an entity, Optimism is deeply embedded in the Ethereum landscape, offering a low-cost, high-speed L2 solution. This platform is not only open source but also secure, permissionless, and fully decentralized. Our efforts are geared towards reinforcing the infrastructure necessary for the Ethereum community to thrive, emphasizing sustainability and accessibility.

Moreover, Optimism is committed to the decentralization of its projects. Until such decentralization is achieved, all profits derived from operating a centralized sequencer are redirected to support and enhance public goods. This strategy underscores our dedication to the Ethereum ethos, promoting projects with significant impact yet lacking conventional business models.

In addition to our technological contributions, we provide opportunities for professional growth through remote jobs. These positions are crafted to attract talented individuals passionate about blockchain technology and its potential. By offering remote roles, we tap into a global talent pool, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not limit innovation and collaboration within our company.

Our commitment to Ethereum’s values and our innovative approach to blockchain technology make Optimism a leader in the field. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, fostering an environment where both the technology and its community can flourish.