Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Origin Protocol stands at the forefront of technological innovation, aiming to revolutionize the sharing economy by eliminating traditional intermediaries. With a focus on open-source protocols, the company facilitates direct connections between buyers and sellers. This approach not only democratizes commerce but also enhances the efficiency of transactions.

As an inclusive employer, Origin Protocol extends its employment opportunities globally, offering remote positions to tap into a diverse talent pool. This strategy not only broadens the company’s cultural horizon but also enriches the team dynamics with varied perspectives. Employees enjoy competitive salaries, significant influence in both company and global community affairs, and participation in the cryptoeconomic benefits of Origin’s utility token launched in 2019.

The company culture is characterized by a fast-paced environment and a bias towards immediate action. Origin values diversity within its core team and community, which spans multiple continents including North America, Asia, and Europe. Team members are encouraged to take flexible vacations, ensuring they maintain a healthy work-life balance while contributing to the company’s goals.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Origin Protocol operates without geographical boundaries. Its distributed team model includes professionals from Colorado, New Zealand, Slovenia, Korea, Singapore, and India. This setup not only facilitates a continuous exchange of ideas but also ensures round-the-clock progress across different time zones.

Investment in Origin comes from over 800 entities, including leading venture capitalists and cryptocurrency funds worldwide. The widespread distribution of Origin Tokens (OGN), held by more than 25,000 token holders, underscores the global trust and belief in Origin’s vision and technological prowess.

Origin Protocol is not just a company but a pioneer, shaping the future of how we think about and engage in peer-to-peer commerce. By offering remote jobs, Origin not only taps into global talent but also promotes a flexible and inclusive work environment. This model is pivotal in driving innovation and achieving sustainable growth in today’s digital economy.