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About Parallel Markets

Parallel Markets specializes in simplifying the investment process in private assets. This sector often presents barriers due to the necessity for well-established connections and a typically cumbersome digital onboarding experience. Our innovative software solutions directly address these challenges. By facilitating a streamlined method for companies to authenticate and verify investor credentials, we significantly reduce the friction that typically causes investor drop-off.

Our platform allows investors to effortlessly share their credentials across multiple platforms with a single click. This “Accredit once, invest everywhere” approach not only saves time but also opens up numerous investment opportunities that were previously difficult to access. Parallel Markets serves both individual investors and entities, enhancing our partners’ onboarding processes with a comprehensive array of identity verification products.

Moreover, Parallel Markets embraces the modern work culture by offering remote job opportunities. This flexibility helps us attract top talent from across the globe, regardless of their geographical location. Our remote roles are crafted to foster productivity and collaboration, ensuring that team members can contribute effectively from anywhere.

By choosing Parallel Markets, investors and companies alike benefit from a service that makes private market investments more accessible and less intimidating. Our commitment to improving the investment landscape is evident in every product we develop and every service we offer.

Engagement with our platform means entering a more connected, efficient, and accessible investing environment. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation to meet the evolving needs of our users. With Parallel Markets, invest with confidence and ease.