Quorum [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Quorum stands as a beacon in the public affairs software industry, offering tools that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of professionals in this field. This platform allows users to comprehensively map, track, modify, and report on policy environments with unparalleled ease. By centralizing these functions, Quorum ensures that users can focus on strategy and execution without the distraction of juggling multiple tools.

What sets Quorum apart is its commitment to incorporating user feedback into the development of its software. This approach has led to the creation of a product that is not only responsive to the needs of its users but also ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and functionality. Additionally, Quorum is dedicated to exceptional customer support, providing strategies and solutions through a dedicated manager and immediate assistance via live chat.

Quorum also offers remote job opportunities, reflecting its understanding of the modern workplace and its demands. This flexibility allows the company to attract top talent from across the globe, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce. Remote roles at Quorum are crafted to foster both professional growth and personal well-being, aligning with the company’s values of investing in people and building meaningful relationships.

The culture at Quorum is built on strong values, including leadership, accountability, and resilience. Every team member is encouraged to lead and innovate, regardless of their role. The company culture promotes open discussions, known as ‘rumbles’, where employees can express concerns and propose solutions in a supportive environment. This openness cultivates a workplace where continuous improvement is the norm and challenges are met with proactive solutions.

Ultimately, Quorum is not just about building software but about creating a community and a workplace that its members can be proud of. The emphasis on doing the small things well translates into significant impacts and moments of triumph for both the company and its clients. By prioritizing these values, Quorum continues to lead and redefine the landscape of public affairs software.