Restorepoint [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Restorepoint excels in providing script-free network automation solutions that cater to over 100 network, security, and storage vendors. With a rapid deployment time of less than an hour, the company significantly reduces risks associated with security, compliance, and availability. This efficiency is crucial for organizations aiming to enhance their operational resilience.

Collaboration with industry leaders like Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, and ScienceLogic amplifies our ability to address diverse network and security challenges. Through these partnerships, both customers and partners gain substantial benefits, including new revenue streams.

Key features of Restorepoint include automated backups of network configurations, which are vital for quick recovery from various disruptions such as outages or breaches. The system also supports automatic detection of compliance failures and configuration changes, streamlining network compliance audits. Furthermore, network change management is accelerated, allowing for rapid adjustments to devices and configurations.

The Universal Console, a standout offering, serves as a centralized gateway to manage and audit access to network devices and servers. It simplifies the management of privileged users, including system administrators and contractors, and can be deployed swiftly compared to traditional Privileged Access Management solutions.

Additionally, Restorepoint is committed to facilitating remote work opportunities. By offering remote jobs, the company supports a flexible work environment, allowing professionals from various locations to contribute to their mission of reducing costs and enhancing security through automation.

Overall, Restorepoint’s dedication to automation and collaboration ensures that organizations can achieve higher levels of security and efficiency without the need for extensive manual oversight or prolonged deployment periods.