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Founded in Düsseldorf, RightNow Group stands as Europe’s premier consumer factoring provider and a trailblazer among German LegalTech startups. This innovative company transforms the landscape of consumer rights by purchasing claims from daily life scenarios. Clients receive a significant portion of their reimbursement swiftly, typically within 24 hours. The verification of these claims is conducted through advanced algorithms, and their enforcement is pursued in court via highly automated methods.

RightNow Group is committed to leveraging technology to streamline legal processes. This approach not only accelerates the resolution of claims but also democratizes access to legal recourse for consumers. By simplifying what was once a convoluted process, the company empowers individuals to assert their rights without delay or unnecessary hassle.

Moreover, RightNow Group embraces the modern work culture by offering remote job opportunities. This policy caters to a diverse global workforce, promoting a balance between professional and personal life. Employees enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere, fostering a productive environment that values results over physical presence.

The company’s dedication to innovation and consumer advocacy has positioned it as a leader in the LegalTech field. With a focus on efficiency and fairness, RightNow Group continues to expand its influence and redefine industry standards.

For those passionate about technology and justice, RightNow Group offers a dynamic and rewarding workplace. The company’s commitment to growth and excellence ensures a stimulating career path for all its team members.