SageSure [Remote Jobs]

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About SageSure

SageSure combines the zeal of a startup with the reliability of a seasoned insurance provider. Our company is in constant expansion, actively searching for skilled individuals eager to influence the insurance sector’s future. Recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance for three consecutive years highlights our commitment to creating an environment where employees flourish.

Our culture is distinct, characterized by a genuine embodiment of our core values, setting us apart in the industry. As recipients of the Business Insurance Best Places to Work award in 2020, 2021, and 2022, we pride ourselves on fostering a workplace conducive to both personal enjoyment and professional growth. We invite you to become part of our team!

At SageSure, innovation is key. We introduce cutting-edge insurance products and technological solutions in regions typically avoided by others, bravely addressing the needs of underserved markets. This approach not only offers vast learning and growth opportunities but also allows our team to share in the company’s financial achievements.

Moreover, our workplace is built on friendship and mutual support. Comprising risk-takers, quick learners, and industry experts, our team thrives on diversity and collaboration. Embracing varied perspectives and backgrounds is not just part of our culture—it’s embedded in our DNA.

Taking on the challenge of reshaping the insurance industry is no easy feat. However, with our dedicated team, no challenge is too daunting.

Who We Are: We are a vibrant team of professionals utilizing data and technology to craft superior insurance solutions for homeowners and small business owners in coastal regions. Protecting these individuals’ American Dreams drives our focus and dedication.

What Sets Us Apart: Our specialization in coastal states—areas often overlooked by traditional insurers—defines us. We don’t just handle business in these challenging markets; we are designed to thrive in them. Our growth is rapid, our operations are agile, and our approach is technology-oriented. We employ an analytical mindset across all departments to ensure precise and effective decision-making.

Our Unique Culture: Innovation, initiative, and drive permeate our culture. But it’s not all serious; we also value fun. By innovating solutions for homeowners in disaster-prone areas and investing in our team’s well-being, we foster an inclusive environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are prioritized, ensuring a welcoming space for everyone.

Additionally, SageSure offers remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work flexibly and maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. This flexibility is just one of the many ways we support and value our employees.