Sanlo [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Sanlo emerged to empower gaming and app companies by providing essential financial services and capital. This support aims to boost their growth and success rates significantly. Our focus extends across various financial aspects, from marketing budgets to detailed product analytics and effective cash flow strategies. This comprehensive approach helps enhance overall financial health and tackle industry-specific challenges.

At Sanlo, we cherish the opportunity to innovate within the dynamic sectors of mobile gaming and apps. Our team, though small, is expanding and brings rich experience from notable companies like Sony PlayStation, Electronic Arts, and Facebook. Founded in late 2020, our roots are deep in a decade of industry-specific challenges, now redirected to aid our clients effectively.

Working at Sanlo offers more than a job; it’s a chance to shape the future of finance in gaming and apps. We operate remotely, with our main office in San Francisco but team members distributed globally. This remote-first approach allows flexibility and attracts diverse talent from all over. Our core values, including continuous growth, champion spirit, and genuine community interaction, guide our daily operations and interactions.

We are driven by a commitment to authenticity and continuous improvement, fostering a workplace where feedback is welcomed and acted upon. Each team member is seen as a builder of this future, dedicated to going beyond the expected with integrity and humility. Our culture thrives on change, learning, and connection, making every workday enjoyable and meaningful.

Sanlo is not just another fintech entity; it’s a community where passionate creators come together to innovate and succeed. Backed by influential investors in both the fintech and gaming industries, we are poised for significant impact. If you’re looking for a role that offers both challenge and significant opportunity, consider joining our remote team, where your contributions will directly influence the landscape of mobile gaming and app economies.