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Scanwell Health transforms your smartphone into a clinical laboratory. This innovative approach combines traditional lab tests with advanced computer vision technology. Users can conduct tests safely at home and receive immediate results. This method eliminates the need to mail samples to a laboratory.

Our technology significantly enhances virtual care capabilities for healthcare organizations. It also expands diagnostic access in regions with lower economic resources. Recently, we entered a partnership with the global medical technology firm BD. This collaboration focuses on facilitating at-home COVID-19 testing solutions.

Scanwell Health is committed to offering flexible employment opportunities, including remote jobs. These positions cater to professionals desiring to balance work with personal life while contributing to groundbreaking healthcare advancements. Our remote roles are crafted to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds, fostering an inclusive work environment.

By applying to Scanwell Health, you join a team dedicated to redefining healthcare delivery. Each role at our company plays a critical part in developing accessible health solutions. We invite you to explore how your skills can help achieve our mission of making healthcare more immediate and universally accessible.