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Showcase IDX [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Showcase IDX revolutionizes the real estate industry by providing a superior IDX plugin for WordPress sites. This tool transforms your website into a central hub for branding, lead generation, and marketing efforts. Established in 2003 and having undergone significant growth, including a private equity round in 2018, the company continues to expand its offerings and influence.

Our platform distinguishes itself by enhancing user engagement through advanced search capabilities and consumer interaction tools. Real estate professionals gain access to MLS listings enriched with local details, high-quality property searches, automated communications, and precise marketing campaigns. Last year alone, over 6 million consumers utilized our IDX search, significantly boosting Google traffic for our users by 83%.

With the acquisition by eXp World Holdings in 2020, Showcase IDX operates as an independent entity, focusing on innovation and customer empowerment without direct oversight from eXp Realty. This structure allows us to serve a broad range of clients, including eXp Realty itself, without compromising our mission or independence.

Our commitment extends beyond software solutions. Showcase IDX actively fosters a community where agents and brokers can continually refine their skills and strategies. This collaborative environment is pivotal for staying ahead in a competitive market. Additionally, we offer remote job opportunities, enabling professionals to contribute from anywhere, aligning with modern work trends and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

We invite you to leverage our technology and community to elevate your real estate business. Join us in our mission to democratize real estate technology, ensuring every agent and broker can achieve remarkable growth and success.