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Employer Description

Sloboda Studio, established over a decade ago, initially focused on Ruby on Rails but has since expanded its expertise across a broad spectrum of back-end and front-end technologies. This growth has enabled us to complete more than 150 projects, helping our clients secure upwards of $20 million in investments. Our commitment to advancing technology and business efficiency shines through in every project.

Our services cater to a wide range of needs, from modernizing enterprises and developing startups to providing dedicated teams and full-cycle software development. We also specialize in requirement analysis, ongoing maintenance, support, and architecture and design code audits. This comprehensive service lineup ensures we meet diverse client demands effectively.

At the core of our technological prowess are programming languages such as Rails, Ruby, Python, PHP, Django, React, Vue.js, Angular, JavaScript, and jQuery. Mastery over these tools allows us to deliver high-quality solutions that drive success.

Recognizing the increasing demand for flexible work arrangements, Sloboda Studio proudly offers remote job opportunities. This approach not only attracts top talent from around the globe but also ensures that we stay at the forefront of innovation and workforce satisfaction.

For those interested in partnering with us, we invite you to reach out for a project quote. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life with precision and skill.