Spatial [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Spatial, established in 2016, has rapidly evolved into a leader in the AR/VR industry, leveraging advanced technology to redefine collaborative workspaces. With headquarters in New York and San Francisco, our team comprises experts in 3D Design and AR/VR technologies. We are committed to transforming traditional work environments by enabling teams to interact through lifelike avatars and immersive virtual spaces.

Our innovative approach allows employees to convert any room into a dynamic workspace, utilizing all their preferred tools without disruption to their existing workflows. This flexibility extends to a variety of devices, including VR/AR headsets, desktops, and mobile phones, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not hinder productivity or creativity. The result is a work experience that feels effortless and engaging.

At Spatial, we prioritize creating solutions that align with natural human thought processes and promote close-knit team dynamics. Our technology not only facilitates more efficient project execution but also supports expansive thinking and rapid achievement of objectives. By minimizing the need for physical travel, we provide teams with the freedom to focus on innovation and strategy.

We are proud to offer remote job opportunities, allowing professionals from diverse locations to contribute to our mission of advancing global computing. Our inclusive hiring strategy supports a broad talent pool, driving the development of groundbreaking ideas. Interested candidates can explore our job openings and become part of a future where work transcends physical and cognitive boundaries.

Backed by prominent investors like iNovia Capital, White Star Capital, and Expa, and endorsed by industry pioneers such as Mark Pincus and Mike Krieger, Spatial has gained significant recognition. Our achievements have been highlighted in over 160 articles in 2020 alone, featuring in top-tier publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. We invite you to review our recent press to understand the impact of our work and the vision we strive to realize.

Join Spatial to shape the future of computing, where innovative tools and collaborative spirit drive progress and redefine possibilities.