Speedchecker [Remote Jobs]

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About Speedchecker

Speedchecker is a pioneering technology firm that specializes in analyzing internet performance across the globe. With operations spanning over 170 countries, the company processes billions of data points to deliver precise insights into network quality. This data is gathered through both passive and active measurement techniques, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of user experiences.

Our services are crucial for mobile and fixed operators who strive to understand and improve their network’s performance. By partnering with various regional and global apps, Speedchecker gains an expansive reach, collecting valuable end-user experience data. This collaboration results in enhanced service quality and reduced churn rates for operators.

Additionally, Speedchecker offers white-label solutions that operators can provide to their customers. These applications inform users about their internet quality, fostering transparency and trust between service providers and their clients. Such tools are instrumental in helping operators maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the standout features of our technology is its ability to map speed, latency, and detailed user data onto GPS coordinates. This capability is vital for operators, especially when assessing network performance in remote areas. Importantly, our systems require no integration, making them easy to deploy and manage.

Recognizing the growing trend towards remote work, Speedchecker has adapted by offering remote job opportunities. This approach not only taps into a global talent pool but also aligns with modern work preferences, enhancing our team’s flexibility and productivity. We are committed to maintaining a dynamic and responsive workforce, capable of meeting the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

In summary, Speedchecker is at the forefront of internet performance analysis, providing essential services that help operators optimize their networks and improve user satisfaction. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that we remain leaders in this competitive industry.