Statement [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Founded in 2011, Statement is a dynamic Shopify Plus eCommerce agency that is part of the IDHL Group. With offices in Yorkshire and London, our origins are deeply rooted in the eCommerce sector, having been established by an eCommerce business. Our expertise is demonstrated by our early success with Philips Automotive’s first global online store in 2000. Currently, we collaborate with top-tier brands and innovative creative agencies to develop online stores that are visually appealing and highly effective in driving sales.

Our experience as a client of various agencies revealed a gap in the market for a service provider with a deep understanding of the rapidly shifting eCommerce landscape. This insight led to the creation of Statement, an agency committed to transforming website projects into thriving online enterprises. Among our esteemed clients are The Mirror Newspaper, Taylors of Harrogate, and Xercise4Less, as well as rising stars like Beyond Retro and LoDough.

Statement offers a comprehensive range of services to elevate your online presence:

  • Custom design and development: We create Shopify stores that precisely meet your specific needs.
  • Theme customization: For those requiring quick setup within a budget, we modify existing themes.
  • Replatforming: Transition your site from platforms like Magento or WooCommerce to Shopify.
  • Ongoing optimization: Partner with us for continuous enhancements and feature updates.
  • Customer Success: Develop strategies with our experts to boost your site’s conversion rates and customer retention.

Remote job opportunities are available, reflecting our commitment to a flexible and inclusive work environment. This approach allows us to attract top talent from various locations, ensuring high-quality outputs and innovative solutions for our clients.

We invite you to visit our website to explore our client success stories and learn more about how we can assist in scaling your online business. Let’s discuss your future growth strategies and how Statement can contribute to your success.