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About Supercast

Supercast stands as a premier podcast subscription platform, serving a vast network of podcasters, networks, and publishers. This innovative service helps creators like you monetize their podcasts by providing a seamless subscription experience. With Supercast, podcasters have seen substantial financial success; our top ten earners collectively bring in over $12 million annually from their dedicated listeners.

Our platform ensures that your podcasts are accessible to every potential listener, including those on popular platforms like Spotify. By eliminating the restriction of being tied to a single podcast player, Supercast expands your reach. This capability allows us to deliver your premium content directly to listeners with minimal effort on their part, requiring only two taps for access.

Supercast is designed with built-in features that elevate the listener’s experience and make managing subscriptions effortless for podcasters. Features such as Q&A forums are integrated into our service, enabling you to engage with your audience and provide additional value effortlessly. This approach not only retains subscribers but also attracts new ones, thanks to the enriched interaction.

Control is a critical aspect of our service offering. When you choose Supercast, you maintain ownership of all your podcast-related assets. From subscriber information to financial accounts, everything is under your command. This level of autonomy is rare in the industry and is something we proudly offer to all our users.

In addition to these benefits, Supercast is keen on adapting to the needs of remote workers and digital nomads. We offer remote job opportunities, allowing team members to work from anywhere. This flexibility helps us attract top talent from across the globe, ensuring that our team is not only skilled but also diverse and dynamic.

Choose Supercast to unlock the full potential of your podcasting efforts. With our comprehensive tools and supportive environment, you’re set to transform your passion into a profitable venture.