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Telnyx stands as a dynamic force in telecommunications, operating an expansive private software-defined network. This network is fortified by multiple tier-1 interconnects and integrates seamlessly with all major cloud service providers. Such integration ensures carrier-grade reliability for our voice and messaging solutions. We automate the sale of these services, enabling users to scale their communications needs programmatically and on-demand.

Our company’s vision extends beyond current offerings. We are actively expanding our footprint into Asian markets and developing innovative wireless products. These products will grant licensed spectrum access to our robust infrastructure, further solidifying our position in the industry.

With a strong base of seventy employees, 75% of whom are engineers, Telnyx boasts a diverse and talented workforce. Our team operates out of offices in Chicago and Dublin, as well as remotely. This geographical diversity and flexible work model promote a dynamic and inclusive work environment. Remote job opportunities are a cornerstone of our employment strategy, attracting top talent regardless of location.

Financially, Telnyx is on a path of rapid growth, with significant monthly increases in revenue and a vast market yet to be tapped. This positions us well for sustained success and innovation in the telecommunications sector.

As we continue to grow and evolve, Telnyx remains committed to delivering high-quality, scalable solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses and tomorrow’s challenges.