The Scale Factory

The Scale Factory [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

The Scale Factory, founded in London in 2009, coincided with the emergence of ‘DevOps’ as a concept. This company has since become a beacon of expertise in site reliability engineering, solutions architecture, and DevOps specialization, assisting diverse organizations in establishing their digital infrastructures.

Initially engaging with various cloud platforms, the focus eventually narrowed to Amazon Web Services (AWS), elevating The Scale Factory to an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. This partnership underscores their proficiency and commitment to delivering high-quality cloud solutions across multiple operating systems.

Embracing a remote-first approach from its inception, The Scale Factory champions flexible work arrangements. With a modest headquarters near London Bridge, their AWS-certified engineers and architects are distributed throughout the UK. This structure not only caters to the personal preferences of their team but also aligns with their core principle of prioritizing people over processes.

Core values at The Scale Factory are more than just guidelines; they are the essence of the company’s operations. These values promote a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and compassion, ensuring that every team member and client is treated with respect and understanding. The emphasis on teamwork and open communication fosters a collaborative environment where ideas thrive and innovation is routine.

Decision-making at The Scale Factory is swift, reflecting their bias towards action. They recognize that rapid iteration and embracing potential failures are crucial for continuous improvement and ultimate success. Their commitment to ongoing learning and skill-sharing ensures that both technical and interpersonal capabilities are constantly enhanced, benefiting clients and the company alike.

In summary, The Scale Factory is not just proficient in its field but also deeply committed to the welfare of its people and the success of its clients. Offering remote job opportunities, they provide a supportive and dynamic work environment tailored to the modern professional’s needs.