UBIO [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Founded in 2013 by a visionary group of five, UBIO set out to revolutionize online shopping with a universal basket concept. This innovative platform allows customers to save and buy products from various online stores in one consolidated place. The journey began with the recognition that online shopping, particularly on mobile devices, was fraught with inefficiencies and broken processes. UBIO’s solution was to engineer a technology capable of navigating these challenges, enabling transactions as seamless as human interactions.

UBIO’s technology extends beyond creating seamless shopping experiences. Many retailers offer attractive, well-curated online environments but fail to retain customers at the point of sale. Recognizing this gap, UBIO provided a comprehensive solution that includes both a shopping basket and automated checkout processes hosted in the cloud. This approach alleviates common pain points, ensuring that customers can focus on product exploration without the hassle of cumbersome checkout procedures.

Expanding its horizons, UBIO ventured into the travel industry, which faces similar, if not greater, challenges. The company’s technology now supports direct bookings, transforming the way metasearch functions in travel. By enabling a contained customer journey, UBIO enhances the efficiency of online transactions, which constitute over 80% of the industry’s sales. Collaboration with price comparison and financial service providers further diversifies UBIO’s impact, offering tailored solutions across various sectors.

Currently, UBIO is advancing to a new phase with its Robotic Connectivity Automation. This streamlined API facilitates automation across any supplier, targeting repetitive and transactional tasks. The goal is to equip developers with tools that integrate connectivity seamlessly, fostering a future where automation is ubiquitous. UBIO’s commitment to innovation continues to drive its expansion, now employing a diverse team of twenty-three professionals across the UK, Romania, and Russia.

Moreover, UBIO is keen on offering remote job opportunities, embracing the flexibility and broad talent pool that remote work facilitates. This approach not only supports a balanced work-life integration but also attracts top talent from various regions, enhancing the company’s creative and technical capabilities. As UBIO continues to grow and tackle new challenges, it remains dedicated to refining web automation and making online transactions as intuitive and straightforward as possible.