Virtually [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Virtually is revolutionizing the way education is delivered by leveraging technology to offer remote, cohort-based learning programs. Our platform integrates Zoom for live classes, Stripe for seamless payment processing, and sophisticated tools for managing students. This approach is particularly effective for bootcamps, accelerators, and similar group-oriented educational endeavors.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that learning together in cohorts is highly effective. This model fosters a sense of community, accountability, and support among students, which significantly reduces dropout rates. Each cohort follows a structured timeline with a clear start and end date, enhancing commitment among participants. The outcomes are tangible—acquiring new skills, enhancing portfolios, or securing employment, which starkly contrasts with the passive absorption of content through pre-recorded lectures.

Historically, such cohort-based methods were predominantly utilized by bootcamps and accelerators. However, their benefits are now recognized by a broader array of organizations, including consulting firms, group coaching programs, and training companies. Virtually supports these diverse educational providers in creating impactful learning experiences that are not confined by geographical boundaries.

The inception of Virtually was inspired by personal experiences. Our founder, Ish, witnessed his mother’s struggle and eventual success in the North American job market, which highlighted the limitations of traditional higher education. This realization sparked a mission to democratize access to quality education and career opportunities. Virtually aims to make learning more accessible and affordable by removing geographical constraints and connecting learners with top-tier educators and mentors globally.

Moreover, Virtually is not just a platform but a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to establish or scale an online educational program. We eliminate the need for extensive in-house technical resources by providing all the necessary tools under one roof. This includes not only class management and payment processing but also strategic support to ensure that educational programs thrive.

For those already in the process of building an online education business, Virtually offers a partnership to overcome common challenges and enhance program delivery. We are committed to creating a world where quality education and opportunities are not limited to a privileged few but are available to all. Together, we can build a more educated and interconnected global community.

If you are passionate about transforming education and want to know more about how Virtually can assist in achieving your goals, we encourage you to contact us. Let’s make education boundless.

– Ish, Founder & CEO, Virtually