Visible [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Visible, established in 2014, emerged from the collective frustrations of founders and operators facing challenges in providing timely and engaging updates to investors. This company, rooted in innovation and a proactive approach, thrives on solving real-world problems for startups.

At the core of Visible’s philosophy are several key values that guide its operations and decision-making processes. Prioritizing self-care ensures that everyone from the team to stakeholders benefits significantly. Embracing challenges is seen as an opportunity to generate substantial value, and a strong bias for action characterizes their operational ethos. Mistakes are not just accepted; they are encouraged if they lead to valuable insights.

Visible’s work environment is dynamic and flexible, promoting autonomy and responsibility among its employees. Team members are encouraged to align their efforts with the company’s vision, choosing projects that ignite their passion and drive. This autonomy is supported by a culture that values questioning and rigorous examination of ongoing work.

As a distributed company, Visible operates across various time zones, emphasizing the ability to work asynchronously. Communication is streamlined through tools like Notion, Slack, and GitHub, ensuring that all team members are always in sync, regardless of their physical location. Daily interactions occur on Slack through lightweight stand-ups, while more structured virtual meetings are held three times a week.

Remote work is not just an option at Visible; it is a well-integrated part of the culture. This setup allows the team to engage in offsites for both fun and strategic planning, maintaining a balance between productivity and team bonding. The adoption of the “Shape Up” process has been customized to fit Visible’s unique workflow, focusing on building quality products and allowing for periods of downtime, free from the constant changes typical of many tech roadmaps.

For those passionate about flexibility, innovation, and a results-oriented work environment, Visible offers a plethora of opportunities. The company is dedicated to empowering its employees, fostering a workspace where independence and collaboration go hand in hand. This approach not only enhances productivity but also ensures that each team member can work in a manner that best suits their individual needs and time zones.

In conclusion, Visible stands out as a forward-thinking employer, deeply committed to both its product quality and its team’s well-being. The company’s values and operational strategies make it an ideal workplace for those looking to thrive in a flexible, remote working arrangement.