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About Wriveted

Founded in Sydney, Wriveted is an innovative edtech startup dedicated to fostering a love of reading among children. By integrating conversational interfaces with machine learning and other advanced technologies, the company has developed a ‘bookbot’. This interactive tool simplifies the process of discovering engaging books for young readers. Wriveted’s approach combines technology with a touch of whimsy, making the search for the perfect book both fun and educational.

The challenge of motivating children to read involves a collaborative effort with librarians, teachers, and parents. Wriveted’s bookbot serves as a dynamic facilitator in this process. It acts as a bridge between a child’s preferences and the vast options available, ensuring they find books that capture their imagination and interest. This tool is more than just a search mechanism; it’s a conversation starter and a guide through the expansive literary landscape.

Recognizing the changing dynamics of work and the importance of flexibility, Wriveted also offers remote job opportunities. This policy allows the company to attract top talent from various locations, enhancing the diversity and creativity of the team. Employees enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, which not only supports a healthy work-life balance but also fosters a culture of trust and responsibility.

Wriveted continues to push the boundaries of educational technology. Their commitment to improving literacy through innovative solutions is evident in every project they undertake. As they expand their reach and refine their technologies, the impact of their work is sure to grow, bringing the joy of reading to children across the globe.

For those passionate about education and technology, Wriveted provides a fulfilling career path. The company values creativity, collaboration, and the drive to make a significant impact in the lives of young readers. With a team that is as diverse as the books they promote, Wriveted is a place where technology and passion converge to create magical reading experiences.