1. How do all services work?

  • Simply select the most suitable job search, CV distribution/resume distribution service or job interview service,
  • Fill up a simple form, complete a brief payment process, and
  • When your CV/resume are emailed or mailed out relax and wait for job recruiters, employment agencies and employers with vacancies to contact you.

2. Where does my resume / CV go?

Your resume / CV will be distributed to the hiring managers within the specific company departments, human resource managers, recruiters, employment agents, placement & recruitment firms, all that match your selection criteria.

3. When my resume / CV will go?

Your resume / CV will be broadcast within 48 hours.

4. How do I know my resume / CV is distributed?

You will receive confirmation messages directly from many of the recruiters and companies. These responses will begin within 24 hours via e-mail and phone and will continue over a period of a few months.

5. Is my privacy safe with you?

We ( do not collect or store your Credit Card information.

6. Why I should distribute my resume / CV?

By distributing your resume / CV:

  • You reach thousand of companies providing the exposure you deserve,
  • You target your employment search,
  • You enter into a hidden job market,
  • You do NOT have to be limited to positions open at the moment, since most employers and recruiters will keep resumes live on file for six to twelve months,
  • Your CV or resume is placed directly into the hands of decision-makers,
  • You save time, leaving you to focus your effort elsewhere,
  • You save money:
    • Postage alone for 100 resumes in large envelopes - how much would it cost?
    • This does not include the cost of expensive stationery and the time necessary for researching companies looking for you, printing etc
  • You are not limited to a one-page resume,
  • You can develop workable leads through the contacts that call you,
  • You give yourself new employment opportunities to explore,
  • You discover whether you are earning what you really deserve.