Human Resources Departments

Human resources play a part in almost every area in the world of work. Human resources have become one of the most important jobs and assets of a company. The Human Resources Department of a company is in charge of hiring and retaining qualified and valued employees for the company.

Human Resources Functions

Some of the functions of the Human Resources department are human resources planning, staffing for the company, training employees, performance management, labour relations, workplace safety. They are also in charge of compensation and benefits for the employees.

Human resource professionals are highly skilled and trained and often specialize in one area, such as benefits or compensation.

Why Human Resources Are Necessary

In a world that has become very litigious, human resources have become a necessity to protect the interests of both employers and employees.

It is very important for human resource professionals to stay abreast of employment law to ensure that a company is protected from legal action, as well as protect the rights of an individual employee.

Other Human Resources Info

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Good luck with your human resources!