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Wordsmith Corporation, Culver City, CA
1994 - Present
Senior Consultant
Assisted client management and technical staffs of large organizations in understanding, designing, and constructing client-server applications. Specialized in software and systems development, messaging, and relational database development for large clients.
• Worked as a program manager in a development team of a major athletic shoe and apparel manufacturer to develop a business application based on a 3-tier client-server architecture. Led the team on a very ambitious delivery schedule; met all of the project's objectives on-time and under budget.
• Assisted in the design and construction of a maintenance work order and job tracking system for a major truck manufacturer. In troubleshooting the database conversion process, designed and implemented complex analysis queries for the application database. These analysis queries generate queries on a relational database that identify inconsistencies in referential integrity based on the state of the foreign keys of the database. These analysis queries can generally be applied to any relational database.
• Designed and implemented a batch data redistribution process for the budget analysis department of a regional Bell Telephone operating company. This process provided rudimentary automatic data replication over a wide geographic area prior to this feature's availability in SQL Server 6.0.
Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
B.A., Computer Systems Technology Program
GPA: 3.43, Graduate Courses in Software Engineering and Computer Communications (24 quarter units)
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA
B.S., Mathematics/Computer Science
GPA: 3.57, Major GPA: 3.62
• MCP Trainer, DCS (contingent).
• MCP Trainer, SDD (pending final approval).
• MCP Certified Systems Engineer.
• MCP Certified Product Specialist, Networking, MS TCP/IP, and MS Mail 3.2 for PC Networks.
• Member, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).
• Recipient, Department of Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
Senior Consultant. Systems Engineer. Software Engineer. Systems Analyst. Client-Server Architecture. Client-Server Design. Computer Networking. TCP/IP. OSI. GOSIP. Microsoft Exchange. DDN. MILNET. DMS. Visual C++/MFC. Visual Basic. OLE Automation. OLE Controls. SQL Server. Sybase. Oracle. Windows NT. Windows 95. WFW. UNIX. SunOS. MCSE. Certified Trainer. Certified Systems Engineer. Certified Product Specialist. Troubleshooting. Designing. Installing. Problem Solving. Microsoft Corporation. MCS. SAIC. BoozAllen and Hamilton. DISA. AFCEA. BS, Mathematics and Computer Science. UCLA. Ten Years of Experience. 

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