350+ Resume Power Words and Action Verbs [2024 Examples]

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Powerful resumes make an impact.


Many job seekers struggle to find the right words to stand out. That’s where our guide come in.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of over 350 power words and action verbs, along with examples to help you incorporate them effectively into your resume.

Discover the most impactful power words and action verbs to transform your resume, drawing on insights from industry experts and successful professionals.

Ready to supercharge your resume? Let’s dive in:

List of Power Words and Action Verbs


Abated, Abbreviated, Abolished, Abridged, Absolved, Absorbed, Accelerated, Acclimated, Accompanied, Accomplished, Accomplished, Achieved, Acquired, Acted, Activated, Actuated, Adapted, Added, Addressed, Adhered, Adjusted, Administered, Admitted, Adopted, Advanced, Advertised, Advised, Advocated, Affected, Aided, Aired, Alerted, Allocated, Altered, Amended, Amplified, Analyzed, Answered, Anticipated, Appeared, Applied, Appointed, Appraised, Approached, Approved, Arbitrated, Arranged, Articulated, Ascertained, Asked, Assembled, Assessed, Assigned, Assisted, Assumed, Assured, Attained, Attracted, Audited, Augmented, Authored, Authorized, Automated, Awarded


Balanced, Bargained, Began, Bench-marked, Benefited, Bid, Billed, Blocked, Bolstered, Boosted, Borrowed, Bought, Branded, Bridged, Briefed, Broadened, Brought, Budgeted, Built


Calculated, Canvassed, Captured, Carried out, Cast, Cataloged, Catalogued, Categorized, Caused, Centralized, Chaired, Challenged, Championed, Changed, Channeled, Charted, Checked, Circulated, Clarified, Classified, Cleared, Closed, Coached, Co-authored, Co-directed, Collaborated, Collected, Combined, Commended, Commented, Commissioned, Committed, Communicated, Compared, Compiled, Completed, Complied, Composed, Computed, Conceived, Conceptualized, Condensed, Conducted, Conserved, Considered, Consolidated, Constructed, Consulted, Continued, Contracted, Contributed, Controlled, Converted, Conveyed, Convinced, Coordinated, Corrected, Cost, Counseled, Counted, Created, Critiqued, Cultivated, Customized, Cut


Dealt, Debated, Debugged, Decentralized, Decided, Decreased, Dedicated, Deferred, Defined, Delegated, Delivered, Demonstrated, Depreciated, Described, Designated, Designed, Detected, Determined, Developed, Devised, Diagnosed, Directed, Discovered, Discussed, Dispatched, Dissembled, Distinguished, Distributed, Diversified, Divested, Documented, Doubled, Drafted


Earned, Eased, Edited, Educated, Effected, Elicited, Eliminated, Emphasized, Enabled, Encouraged, Ended, Endorsed, Enforced, Engaged, Engineered, Enhanced, Enlarged, Enlisted, Enriched, Ensured, Entered, Established, Estimated, Evaluated, Examined, Exceeded, Exchanged, Executed, Exempted, Expanded, Expedited, Experimented, Explained, Explored, Exposed, Expressed, Extended, Extracted


Fabricated, Facilitated, Fashioned, Fielded, Filled, Finalized, Finalized, Financed, Fine-tuned, Focused, Forecasted, Formalized, Formed, Formulated, Fortified, Founded, Fulfilled, Furnished, Furthered


Gained, Gathered, Gauged, Generated, Governed, Graded, Granted, Greeted, Grew, Grouped, Guided


Halved, Handled, Headed, Helped, Hired, Hosted


Identified, Illuminated, Illustrated, Implemented, Improved, Improvised, Inaugurated, Incorporated, Increased, Incurred, Indexed, Individualized, Indoctrinated, Induced, Influenced, Initiated, Innovated, Inquired, Inspected, Inspired, Installed, Instigated, Instilled, Instituted, Instructed, Insured, Integrated, Interacted, Interpreted, Intervened, Interviewed, Introduced, Invented, Inventoried, Invested, Investigated, Invited, Involved, Isolated, Issued


Joined, Judged, Justified




Launched, Learned, Leased, Lectured, Led, Licensed, Lightened, Liquidated, Listed, Litigated, Lobbied, Localized, Located, Logged


Made, Maintained, Managed, Mapped, Marketed, Matched, Maximized, Measured, Mediated, Mentored, Merchandised, Merged, Met, Minimized, Modeled, Moderated, Modernized, Modified, Monitored, Motivated, Moved, Multiplied


Named, Narrated, Navigated, Negotiated, Netted, Noticed, Nurtured


Observed, Obtained, Offered, Opened, Operated, Orchestrated, Ordered, Organized, Oriented, Originated, Overhauled, Oversaw


Participated, Patterned, Penetrated, Perceived, Performed, Persuaded, Phased, Photographed, Pinpointed, Pioneered, Placed, Planned, Played, Polled, Prepared, Presented, Preserved, Presided, Prevented, Processed, Procured, Produced, Profiled, Programmed, Prohibited, Projected, Promoted, Prompted, Proposed, Proved, Provided, Publicized, Published, Purchased, Pursued


Qualified, Quantified, Questioned, Quoted


Raised, Ranked, Rated, Realized, Received, Recognized, Recommended, Reconciled, Recorded, Recovered, Recruited, Rectified, Redesigned, Reduced, Refined, Regained, Registered, Regulated, Rehabilitated, Reinforced, Reinstated, Rejected, Related, Remedied, Remodeled, Renegotiated, Reorganized, Repaired, Replaced, Replied, Reported, Represented, Researched, Resolved, Responded, Restored, Restructured, Resulted, Retained, Retrieved, Revamped, Revealed, Reversed, Reviewed, Revised, Revitalized, Rewarded


Safeguarded, Salvaged, Saved, Scheduled, Screened, Secured, Segmented, Selected, Separated, Served, Serviced, Set, Set up, Settled, Shaped, Shared, Shortened, Showed, Shrank, Signed, Simplified, Simulated, Slashed, Sold, Solicited, Solidified, Solved, Sorted, Sought, Sparked, Spearheaded, Specialized, Specified, Speculated, Spoke, Spread, Stabilized, Staffed, Staged, Standardized, Started, Steered, Stimulated, Strategized, Streamlined, Strengthened, Stressed, Stretched, Structured, Studied, Submitted, Substantiated, Substituted, Succeeded, Succeeded in, Suggested, Summarized, Superseded, Supervised, Supplied, Supported, Surpassed, Surveyed, Synchronized, Systematized


Tabulated, Tackled, Tailored, Targeted, Taught, Terminated, Tested, Tightened, Took, Toured, Traced, Tracked, Traded, Trained, Transacted, Transcribed, Transferred, Transformed, Translated, Transmitted, Transported, Traveled, Treated, Trimmed, Tripled, Troubleshot, Turned, Tutored


Umpired, Uncovered, Underlined, Underscored, Understood, Understudied, Undertook, Underwrote, Unearthed, Unified, United, Unraveled, Updated, Upgraded, Urged, Used, Utilized


Validated, Valued, Verbalized, Verified, Viewed, Visited, Visualized, Voiced, Volunteered


Waged, Weathered, Weighed, Welcomed, Widened, Withstood, Witnessed, Won, Worked, Wrote



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