Business Manager | Appsilon | zł13000 – zł18000 | Remote (Worldwide)

Business Manager | Appsilon | zł13000 – zł18000 | Remote (Worldwide)

13,000 - 18,000 / year
Remote Worldwide
Application ends: September 12, 2024
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Job Description

About Appsilon

At Appsilon, we create interactive and user-friendly applications for exploring and visualizing data, helping clients make the best decisions.

Our solutions are used by Fortune 500 and large-scale organizations worldwide to invent new drugs, save people’s lives, optimize processes, and increase revenue.

We specialize in custom-made, ready-to-use solutions in R and Shiny, but we also offer versatile data science expertise and a wide range of data-related technologies.

We don’t just code. We partner up with our clients to find the best solution for their business. We help with user adoption and releasing new tools in the company. We have a unique, cross-domain mix of skills, from Computer Science to Biostatistics, Genomics and Data Science. Our team consists of PhDs and industry experts.

Our clients handle vast amounts of data. Organizing and visualizing this data in a manner that enhances decision-making impact, efficiency, and speed poses a significant challenge.

Our solutions eliminate 1000s of hours of manual work for data scientists, preventing significant delays in delivering valuable insights. They are tailored to our clients needs and can be updated in real-time.

Appsilon develops its own R packages that enhance the aesthetics, dynamics, and security of R Shiny apps. These packages facilitate the development and scaling of Shiny apps for enterprise customers, enabling them to accommodate thousands of simultaneous users and function on a distributed infrastructure.

 100% remote company, no physical office, ability to hire top talent worldwide.

 Repeatable methodology to deliver results fast. Even in 4 weeks of production for enterprise customers.

 Experience in delivering results for the largest companies in the world.

Before you apply, please read our code of conduct.

As our Business Manager, your mission will include:

  • Leading end-to-end sales lifecycle:

Selling projects for Key Accounts: top international clients, mainly Fortune 500 and Global 2000.

Building a strategy with a client, including upsell and continuations.

Meeting with stakeholders for Key Accounts and traveling to clients’ headquarters and conferences.

Leading Key Account deals end-to-end.

Leading the agreement negotiations.

Making independent decisions for Key Accounts.

  • People Management:

Onboarding new team members in the Sales team.

Managing the beginning of the sales funnel – partially includes people management for Sales Development Representatives.

Working with the Delivery team to assign team members to projects.

  • Strategy and process:

Business strategy and planning.

Operational management.

Performance tracking and reporting.

What We Expect from You:

  • We expect you to work for us on an exclusive basis.
  • Proficient English.
  • Very good written communication skills.
  • Comfortable with videoconferencing and remote conversation setup.
  • Documented experience in B2B international sales.
  • Experience in selling technology services or products.
  • Alignment with the company values, core purpose, and the Code of Conduct.
  • Ability to comprehensively analyze the situation, draw conclusions, and transform them into solutions tailored to clients’ needs.
  • Drive not only to sell but also to help customers achieve their business goals and consult solutions.
  • Proactivity and constantly looking for improvements in sales processes.
  • Client-centered approach.
  • Being reliable, a fast responder, and organized. Having high standards.
  • Good understanding of technology or eagerness to learn that fast.
  • Strong sales drive and proactivity.
  • Business-level understanding of the market trends related to digital transformation, data science, and machine learning.

What’s in it for You:

  • Competitive salary: Enjoy a monthly B2B salary of 13,000 – 18,000 PLN / 3,300-4,500 USD + VAT, based on a full-time commitment.
  • Generous paid time off: Benefit from 26 days of paid holidays, plus the equivalent of public holidays in Poland, estimated at 13 days in 2024.
  • Comprehensive sick leave: Receive 33 paid sick days per year at 80% of your salary.
  • Professional Development Budget: You’ll have a 5% addition to your salary allocated to a Professional Development Budget for activities that help you grow.
  • Flexible remote work: Embrace remote work with flexible hours tailored to your time zone and family life.
  • Training and conferences: Enjoy four paid days per year for training, conferences, events, or workshops.
  • Health benefits: Access private health care insurance (in Poland) or a cash equivalent if you’re not in Poland.
  • Fitness perks: Receive a FitProfit or FitSport membership card (in Poland) or a cash equivalent if you’re not in Poland.
  • Life insurance: You and your family will be covered with life insurance.
  • Personal assistant: Benefit from AskHenry, your assistant.

Why Appsilon Is the Place for You:

  • Company values and mission: We invest in being a force of good through our Data 4 Good project, actively contributing to a better world.
  • Attractive compensation package: We offer competitive compensation with extensive human-first, people-focused benefits to prioritize your personal and financial well-being. We provide a Personal Development Budget for you to use on your personal growth.
  • Open, kind, and understanding internal culture: Our company thrives on a culture of openness and kindness, where your voice is heard and your ideas matter. We have an exceptional culture and we always check candidates alignment with our core values and Code of Conduct.
  • Great leadership: Say goodbye to micromanagement. We believe in nurturing a healthy work-life balance.
  • Privately held: We’re a fast-growing, privately held company with no outside investors, allowing us to focus on what matters most—our people and our mission.
  • High-end customers: Appsilon works mostly with Global 2000 and Fortune 500 customers (startups are not our targeted audience).
  • Market leaders: Appsilon is in TOP 3 world providers of R/Shiny consulting services. We are specialists in our core technology, R/Shiny developers observe us and like to talk to us.
  • Impact: Your work has a real impact on the work of the whole company.

What to expect from this recruitment process:

  • Screening Call
  • Task
  • Interview with our Consultant
  • Interview with our Business Manager
  • Culture Fit Interview

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