Community Manager LATAM | | Remote (Argentina)

Community Manager LATAM | | Remote (Argentina)

Remote Argentina
Application ends: October 4, 2024
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Job Description

We are hiring the Community Manager for LATAM (2 months contract) to build and support a next-level community. We are looking for a talented Community Manager who excels in engaging and growing our community. You will be managing the social channels of Scroll en Español such as Twitter, Scroll LATAM Telegram and Discord with coordination of teams such as Comms, BD and DevRel. The role is ideal for an individual who thrives in a start-up environment, a self-starter that is dynamic and comfortable to take on responsibilities and can work effectively within a remote setup.


  • Based in Argentina
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or extensive experience in this area;
  • Native Spanish language; proficient in English language; plus if proficient in Portuguese
  • Proven track record of executing community management plans in previous jobs; You come from either a ambassador background or a community manager background;
  • Solid knowledge in different community-building methodologies to communicate effectively with our community across various platforms.
  • Great writing skills on socials and great translation skills for localization; You are able to not only to craft great messages but also address the nuances in tone of the messages.
  • Great experience in working with cross functional teams and being able to effectively communicate with stakeholders to understand their challenges and needs, build narratives;
  • Excellent executing skills including leading the community to successfully deliver the end result;
  • Excellent English skills in both written and speaking especially is a must for this role
  • Experience of planning and participating in both online and offline events in the Latam crypto space
  • Great knowledge for L2 and Ethereum ecosystem for effective community management
  • Excellent onchain user knowledge to address and resolve customer concerns as part of serving the community