Customer Support | Food Revolution Network | $45,000–$67,724.80 | Remote (United States)

Customer Support | Food Revolution Network | $45,000–$67,724.80 | Remote (United States)

45,000 - 67,724 / year
Remote US
Application ends: August 23, 2024
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Job Description

Title: Customer Support – Remote

Location: Remote US


The Community Builder (CB) often known elsewhere as a Customer Support Agent represents Food Revolution Network (FRN) in oral and written communication with our entire community of subscribers and customers who reach out to engage with FRN via email, phone, and live chat. The CB communicates with compassion, knowledge, and professionalism, always representing the very best of FRNs values. Our CBs possess strong analytical and excellent communication skills, which they use for writing, conversing, problem-solving, and using FRNs stack of Community Team technology.

Reports to: Community Support Manager


Community Care

Provide direct support to customers and community members, responding to their questions and concerns via email, live chat, and phone. Types of support include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting customers with purchases, including digital and physical products.
  • Processing whole and partial refunds in accordance with FRNs policies.
  • Assisting with access to the Member Center
  • Resolving payment disputes via our primary credit card processing service, PayPal, etc.
  • Helping customers and community members register for affiliate promotions.
  • Connecting customers with affiliate support teams, as appropriate.
  • Troubleshooting basic technical issues directly for customers and subscribers.
  • Assessing technical issues reported by customers and escalating them as appropriate to the Tech team.
  • Helping customers access their digital FRN products via various computers and mobile devices.
  • Keeping the Community Support Manager apprised of any significant feedback regarding published content, affiliate promotions, customer experiences, technical issues, etc.

Direct Support Operations

Contribute to the smooth functioning of FRNs Direct Support efforts. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in team-based projects for system improvements and leading them as requested.
  • Contributing to the maintenance of our Saved Replies and FAQs, assuming responsibility for doing so as requested.
  • Working collaboratively with the rest of the Community Builders to plan and prepare for FRN launches.
    • Helping to determine staffing and recruitment needs, and staffing schedule.
    • Recruiting temporary staff as necessary.
    • Developing and refining training materials.
    • Delivering training to temporary team members.
  • Providing direct supervision of and guidance to temporary team members to ensure that they provide exceptional service to our community.
  • Identifying and suggesting improvements to Direct Support systems to enhance the community experience and/or Direct Support operations.
  • Providing coverage for teammates when they are out of the office, including flexibility with temporary schedule changes and following up on correspondence in their inboxes.

Intra-organizational Collaboration

Work within the Impact Team and across teams to help ensure that we produce relevant content and that our systems run smoothly.

  • Verifying that promotional emails have gone out as scheduled, and if they havent, notifying the Tech team of the situation.
  • Forwarding messages to the Affiliate Team as appropriate and notifying the Affiliate Team of any issues with promotional emails and partner websites, sales funnels, and sales pages.
  • Participating in and contributing to blog planning meetings as requested.
  • Identifying and suggesting needed improvements to organization-wide systems to improve the community experience and/or Direct Support operations.

Knowledge Base

Develop and maintain a thorough knowledge of FRN editorial and marketing content so that customer and member questions can be answered promptly and accurately. Areas of knowledge include, but are not limited to:

  • Blog articles
  • Masterclasses
  • Courses
  • Summit interviews
  • Stay updated with FRNs promotions schedule, particularly those that involve sustainable living and plant-based nutrition.
  • FRN marketing funnels
  • Affiliate marketing funnels
  • Maintaining the Affiliate Index to ensure that it is updated for each promotion.

Technology Innovation and AI Integration

AI is a rapidly evolving field, and while not all technologies and applications noted below may be immediately applicable, they illustrate potential future contributions to our work. A component of this role involves staying informed on these evolving AI opportunities, ensuring FRN is poised to integrate beneficial advancements aligning with our goals as they become viable.

Employ AI tools to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of our Community Support, ensuring our community receives the highest quality of care and support aligned with FRN’s values and standards.

  • Use sentiment analysis tools to understand community sentiment better, enabling more targeted and empathetic responses to community members.
  • Employ AI-driven knowledge management systems to keep FAQs and Saved Replies up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Leverage AI within Freshdesk to monitor promotional email deliveries and automatically notify the relevant teams of any delivery issues or anomalies.
  • Use AI-enhanced analytics in Freshdesk to identify common issues or trends in customer queries that may require attention from other FRN teams.

Role Skills

  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Excellent active and reflective listening skills.
  • Compassionate and clear oral communication skills.

Behavioral Competencies

  • FRN – Global Behavioral Competencies

Working Environment

  • Reliable high-speed internet connection
  • A quiet, functional, and stable work environment.
  • Comfortable working with a team via Slack
  • Comfortable working with others via Zoom video conferencing
  • Comfortable working with AI tools
  • Comfortable working within a project management system
  • Expert-level proficiency with G Suite products, specifically Docs and Sheets.


Our mission is to inspire and advocate for healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all through education about plant-powered foods.

Food Revolution Network is an online-based education and advocacy-driven organization committed to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all. Guided by John and Ocean Robbins, we have more than 900,000 members and collaborate with many of the top food revolutionary leaders of our times. Food Revolution Network aims to empower individuals, build community, and transform food systems to support healthy people and a healthy planet.

We believe that everyone, regardless of the color of their skin or how much money they have, deserves the knowledge and the means to healthfully feed themselves and their family. Were committed to a world with a true opportunity for everyone to be healthy.

About You

You believe in the power of healthy, organic, fair trade, local, plant-strong food to change the world. Youre passionate about supporting the food revolution and movements for a more healthy, ethical, and sustainable world. You support our scientifically grounded, fact-driven, and welcoming approach, which promotes a whole foods, plant-based diet and is inclusive of a broad range of eaters.

Youre values-driven, highly motivated, self-aware, ethical, emotionally intelligent, multiculturally competent, compassionate, socially conscious, constantly learning, and respectful of yourself and others. Youre reliable, dedicated, undaunted, persistent, friendly, and forthright. You admit your mistakes, clean up your messes, and learn from everything.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Food Revolution Network is a committed equal-opportunity employer. FRN recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. At FRN, we aim to be a place where a diverse mix of talented people bring their skills, life experience, passion, and creativity to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We are committed to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for ALL, and that requires a proactive dedication to advocating for equity, inclusion, and opportunity, including for those communities that have been most negatively impacted by our toxic food culture. We are committed to equality and believe in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin, and all the other characteristics that enable each person to bring unique talents, insights, and skills.

Work Location

FRN is a fully remote team, with team members in multiple North American time zones. This position may be performed from anywhere, but we strongly prefer North America-compatible time zones, with a required availability from 9 am – 3 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday.


$45,000 – $67,724.80 annual salary, depending on experience and state minimum requirements.

Full-time employees also receive paid time off, time off for holidays, wellness time off, health, vision, and dental insurance, opportunities for bonuses, 401k eligibility, and other benefits.