Freelance SEO Content Manager | | $30/hr | Remote (UK/WW)

Freelance SEO Content Manager | | $30/hr | Remote (UK/WW)

Posted 2 weeks ago
35 - 35 / hour
Remote UK Freelance
Application ends: June 30, 2024
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Job Description

Highlights of the Job Offer

  • Position and Pay: Freelance SEO Content Manager at, offering $30/hr, with the role being remote and part-time, preferably within the European Time Zone.
  • Company Background: QuickMail, a leading outreach solution for growing businesses, aims to help small & medium-sized businesses worldwide through automated outreach. It was established in 2014, is 100% self-funded, and operates with a small, results-driven team.
  • Role Objectives: The main responsibility is to increase qualified traffic to the website month over month. This includes overseeing content creation, reviewing and providing feedback on written content, monitoring ranking and traffic, and managing content strategy execution.
  • Team Management: The role requires managing a team of contractors, ensuring quality work is delivered on time, and reporting KPIs weekly and monthly to leadership.
  • Requirements: At least 1+ years of experience in a managerial position for a remote team, ideally in SEO, with proven experience managing remote teams via Asana or a similar tool.
  • Ideal Candidate Traits: Pragmatic, independent decision-making skills, strategic thinking, good analytical skills, excellent attention to detail, and comfortable with giving and receiving direct feedback.
  • Tools Used: Familiarity with tools such as Asana, StoryBlok, Ahrefs, Mixpanel, Frase, Google Search Console, Slack, and QuickMail.
  • Work Flexibility: The role allows setting one’s own hours but requires availability to support the team during their working hours (CET), with some engagement needed Monday – Friday.
  • Team Composition: The SEO team consists of 7 freelancers with specific roles in content creation, link building, and publishing, reporting to the operations leader.
  • Opportunity for Growth: Potential to evolve into a full-time role for those making a significant impact and achieving great results, with the company being a meritocracy that aims for excellence.

Job Offer Details

Part-Time, European Time Zone Preferred

We need someone to oversee SEO content creation and help us increase qualified traffic to month over month


🗺️ Work remotely from anywhere, save a couple of thousand dollars and 100+ hours by cutting out a commute

👐 Join a meritocracy, no politics needed (nor welcomed)

💸 We are self-funded and profitable with no external investors to answer to

📖 We practice open-book management (understand how the business works and why what you work on really matters for our clients)


QuickMail is one of the leading outreach solutions for growing businesses.

Our mission is to help small & medium-sized businesses worldwide start more conversations with current and potential clients.

Our vision is to help 1 million businesses grow with automated outreach.

We’re currently used by organizations worldwide to reach out to potential clients, generate leads, book meetings, and close deals.

We started in 2014. We’re proudly 100% self-funded and composed of a small group of results-driven co-workers.


This role’s responsibility is to increase qualified traffic to our website month after month.

That includes:

  • Oversee content creation and publishing through our team of contractors
  • Reviewing written content and giving feedback to writers to maximize ranking and traffic
  • Monitoring ranking and traffic to identify pages that need to be updated
  • Assigning content sprints to writers to execute content strategy (Asana)
  • Ensuring all work from contractors is of quality and delivered on time
  • Reporting team KPIs weekly and monthly to leadership


  • You have worked for 1+ years in a managerial position for a remote team (ideally in SEO)
  • You have proven experience managing remote teams via Asana or a similar tool

Who makes a great fit:

  • You are pragmatic in your approach and proactively solve problems
  • You can make decisions on your own and don’t need hand-holding
  • You think strategically and have good analytical skills for actionable reporting
  • You have great attention to detail and can answer goldfish when asked your favorite animal
  • You’re comfortable giving and receiving direct, candid feedback – even when it’s uncomfortable

Tools we use:

  • Asana
  • StoryBlok
  • Ahrefs
  • Mixpanel
  • Frase
  • Google Search Console
  • Slack
  • QuickMail (of course :))


Q – For Americans, is this a contractor (1099) or employee (W2) position?

A – 1099. Hourly time is tracked and paid weekly.

Q – Are there set hours I need to work each week?

A – This role can set their own hours but should be available to support the team during their working hours (CET). The nature of the work requires some engagement each day Monday – Friday.

Q – How big is the SEO team?

A – The SEO team is composed of 7 freelancers in specific content roles (writing, link building, publishing). Previously our operations leader was overseeing this team. This role will report to them and build on the foundation they have laid.

Q – Could this turn into a full-time role?

A – Anyone making a big impact and achieving great results will have the opportunity to grow at QuickMail. We are incredibly fast-paced, aim for excellence, and take pride in our work.

We’re a meritocracy – more on what it looks like to join the full-time team in this deck