Head of People & Culture | CoinClan OÜ | Remote (Worldwide)

Head of People & Culture | CoinClan OÜ | Remote (Worldwide)

Remote Worldwide
Application ends: July 23, 2024
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Job Description

Company Introduction:

CoinFloww is a start-up global digital assets exchange built with the foundational principle that digital assets should be more free and accessible to everyone, without hefty fees or barriers to entry.

Want to join a blockchain/crypto-currency start-up at an early stage and be rewarded exponentially as one of the early pioneers in the crypto revolution? If so, then join us in our journey to build the future digital economy – a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by blockchain & distributed ledger technologies.


  • Headhunting & recruiting new talents worldwide to work remotely(or in the office if needed in the future) with us for all roles needed by the company, either by posting ads on job-seeking sites or headhunting them directly through networks, such as Linkedin, or offline such as in universities, etc.
  • Taking care of and all payroll, pay run, annual leave, employee benefits, etc.
  • Taking care of employee disputes.
  • Designing and implementing HR processes/policies to address how we handle issues like different disputes between staff, sick leave, personal/family/death leaves, etc.
  • Taking care of and overseeing employee onboarding/offboarding to make sure all required things are done.
  • Make sure the company complies with all local HR rules and regulations.
  • Optimizing our hires so we get the same quality of work done but for the best value, for example, outsourcing remote customer service or admin tasks to India or the Philippines instead of having them in more expensive countries like the US/Australia. This would involve researching ways to legally employ them, and utilizing other international payroll services if necessary.
  • Constantly improving team engagement and designing creative ways to do so, for example, setting career growths paths, mutual compliments between team members, & regularly checking in to see if all staff is happy to work with us and performing their best, using HR tools such as 15five.com to help as needed.
  • Vet CVs, scheduling and attending interviews to get the best candidates in our team.
  • Very importantly – establishing performance measuring metrics for all staff, so we can fire people fairly and only keep the best and most talented people on our team.
  • As this is a senior position, you may recruit or delegate appropriate people to handle any of the tasks mentioned above.


  • 3+ years of team management experience.
  • Working for 1+ startups
  • Managing remote team before

Why work with us?

  • Do something meaningful – be a part of a company building the future of the digital economy enabled by blockchain technology.
  • Competitive salary paid in any currency or cryptocurrency of your choosing (including our tokens/equity so you can capitalize on the exponential growth of our startup with the possibility to achieve financial freedom).
  • Fast-paced, challenging, faced with different issues every day – Life never gets boring in a start-up environment.
  • Work with an international company & team.
  • Great career development opportunities in a fast-growing company.
  • Work remotely anywhere in the world with flexible working hours & casual work attire.

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