HR Consultants to Recruit HR Consultants | SelectSoftware Reviews | $35-$55 | Remote (US)

HR Consultants to Recruit HR Consultants | SelectSoftware Reviews | $35-$55 | Remote (US)

35 - 55 / hour
Remote US
Application ends: July 3, 2024
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Job Description

Highlights of the Job Offer

  • Position and Company: HR Consultants to recruit HR Consultants for SelectSoftware Reviews.
  • Salary Range: $35-$55 per hour.
  • Job Type: Remote position open to candidates in the US.
  • Main Role: Leading marketing efforts to engage other HR consultants in using SelectSoftware’s free service to assist their clients.
  • Key Activities: Consulting with HR teams, introducing them to relevant vendors, and assisting in the selection and purchase of HR software.
  • Revenue Model: Compensation from vendor partnerships when software sales are made.
  • Consultation Method: Offering free consultations lasting 30-45 minutes with HR teams to determine their software needs.
  • Company Strength: Established relationships with nearly every vendor in the HR software space, allowing unbiased assistance.
  • Future Prospects: Potential for full-time employment to grow and manage relationships with HR consultants.
  • Ideal Candidate: HR consultants who understand the effective messaging and online platforms for engaging other HR professionals.

Job Offer Details

Our business helps companies find and buy the right HR Software.

We do this by talking to HR teams for 30-45 minutes in free consultations and then introducing them to relevant vendors.  We also provide information on pricing, internal stakeholder management, and everything else HR teams need to find and buy the right tools.

We get paid if someone buys software, and have relationships with nearly every vendor in the space so can be unbiased in our help.

You can see more here:

Several HR consultants have used our service for their clients, and we are now looking to scale our outreach to HR consultants so that more use our free service.

In order to do that, we thought it’d be best to have an HR consultant lead our marketing efforts here, given they will know:

1) the right messaging that will resonate with HR consultants

2) where HR consultants hang out online

We are looking for 1-3 HR consultants who want to help us get the word out to other HR consultants about our offering.

Over time, we will most likely look to hire someone full-time to grow and manage our HR consultant relationships.