Principal Product Designer, Discovery Group | HubSpot | Remote (US)

Principal Product Designer, Discovery Group | HubSpot | Remote (US)

Remote US
Application ends: August 3, 2024
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Job Description

About You

You’re looking for an environment, team, and role where you’ll thrive and do the best work of your career. That’s why, as a Principal Product Designer in the Discovery Group at HubSpot:

  • You’ll have a “seat at the table” from Day 1. Your partners and peers know what you do, greatly value it, and expect you to have strong opinions.
  • You’ll co-own a significant part of the product with your partners and you’ll all have the autonomy you need to drive its strategy and vision.
  • You’ll never have to guess about how to get promoted. We support you with clear expectations and career paths.
  • You’ll be able to work where and how you work best: at home, the office, or any mix of both.

About the product

The Product Platform Line focuses on what someone is trying to do, instead of what role or job title they have – this determines which parts of the experience we want to improve. 

In Platform, we collaborate with pretty much every team in HubSpot to make sure we can collectively provide the best user experience to our customers. We often focus on admins’ related tasks and we help admins make good choices on how to set up their products and teams. Ultimately, we want our systems to be as self service as possible. That is why we also focus on empowering internal teams to make good choices for the customer, in a way that helps us to scale. As part of the Discovery Group, you will do all of the above, specifically focusing on helping millions of users to get to the right resource at the right time across HubSpot.

Here’s what success in your role looks like:

  • Having a strong understanding of what designing good quality consumer-grade products looks like 
  • Having deep domain knowledge across all product areas
  • Being considered a master in uncovering new unmet user needs across the product
  • Using knowledge of root causes to investigate new problem spaces that span multiple groups
  • Having deep data analysis skills and a knack for improving our data collection systems
  • Helping team members engage more deeply with data
  • Modeling ways to gracefully shift gears as new information becomes available
  • Autonomously drive a project from the discovery to the execution phase
  • Be able to communicate with C-level executives
  • Define long term plans, and be able to break them down into smaller impactful milestones.

You’ll love this role if you:

  • Model “thinking like an owner” in terms of how a team should spend time & resources
  • Enjoy tracking multiple high complexity projects and helping create visibility in these areas
  • Are known for your communication artifact quality (decks, memos, etc)
  • Model best practices for knowledge sharing, collaboration and facilitation
  • Have a knack for helping others embrace change across multiple groups
  • Master the ability to appeal on both logical and emotional fronts when selling an agenda or vision
  • Clarify shared expectations across groups in service if a larger mission
  • Have the proven ability to break down resistance and anticipate pitfalls
  • Are experienced in fostering team health, mission, and purpose
  • Can confidently deliver clear, direct, and actionable feedback—and ask for it in return
  • Share our HEART values and practice growth mindset.

About UX at HubSpot’

Our UX team is a passionate and diverse group of ~300 product designers, content designers, researchers, and design ops folks globally who build consumer-grade experiences while solving enterprise-level problems. We’re set up to work as equal partners to our peers in product management and engineering. We design and deliver a crafted experience to our customers by setting a high bar on ease of use. We’re investing deeply in building whole and healthy UX teams across all of our disciplines so we can better solve problems for our customers.

We involve our customers in every step of our development process. We strive to deliver a B2B product that’s just as easy to use as the best B2C products on the market. When our customers grow, we grow, too.

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One more thing you should know…

There’s a lot of research showing how marginalized groups of people may not apply for jobs unless they meet 100% (or more!) of the qualifications. We also know that many UX folks come from backgrounds with different experiences that might not seem “standard”—and that’s okay! We really value people who bring unique perspectives and add new knowledge to our team.

You might not feel like you “check all the boxes” as you read this job post, but we hope you’ll apply anyway because we’ll take great care in working with you. 🧡