Security Architect (Apps/Software) | Cloudflare | Remote (Mexico, United States, Portugal)

Security Architect (Apps/Software) | Cloudflare | Remote (Mexico, United States, Portugal)

Application ends: September 12, 2024
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Job Description

Available Locations: Lisbon, Portugal, Mexico City, Mexico or Washington, DC or Remote US 

About the role 

As an Enterprise Security Architect you will play a key role in effectively designing defensible network architectures, defensible builds & configurations, security platforms and automation, assisting in secure tool and product development, and will help establish security standards and guidelines across the enterprise. This role will lead security project work with technology peers for successful delivery and coach technology staff on appropriate security standards, processes, protocols and needs as they implement new technology into the organization.

What You’ll Do

  • Works out and designs complex security solutions.
  • Leads projects to implement secure enterprise systems and identifies issues that could compromise data integrity or security.
  • Develops security policies, procedures, and guidelines and recommends necessary changes to a given project team to ensure the company’s systems are fully compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and privacy laws.
  • Creating and implementing enterprise security architecture models
  • Utilizes open communication and managerial courage to ensure the standards, expectations and goals of the organization are respected and upheld.
  • Serving as an advisor to engineering and development teams in security best practices and design.
  • Leads security-related projects from inception to successful completion and is capable of effectively coaching technology staff on appropriate security protocols and needs as they implement new technology into the organization.
  • Works on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors. 
  • Determines methods and procedures on new assignments and may coordinate activities of other personnel.
  • Having wide-ranging experience, uses professional concepts and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways
  • Exercises judgment in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results.
  • Ensures an organization’s security strategy is aligned with companies business goals.

Examples of desirable skills, knowledge and experience.

  • 10+ years of experience in an IT/Security related field, 5 of which as a security architect.
  • In-depth understanding of security concepts.
  • Understand how business, engineering, IT, and security processes align, and how to research, test, and implement solutions to complex objectives.
  • Able to anticipate challenges and steer the company towards growth.
  • In depth knowledge of the following:
    • Analyzing and fixing errors in software and applications, designing new programs, and providing support to existing software applications.
    • Making application security part of the overall design and architecture of an application rather than introducing security later in testing
    • Secure Software Development Lifecycle Requirements
      • Using a secure software development lifecycle at all stages of development
      • Identify threats, facilitate appropriate risk responses, plan for countermeasures, and guide security testing for each sprint planning or design change with threat modeling
      • Ensure all user stories and features include functional security constraints
      • Verify justification and documentation of all application components, trust boundaries, and significant data flows
      • Define application’s high-level architecture and each remote service connected and verify security analysis
      • Verify implementation of centralized, reusable, secure, simply designed, and vetted security controls to avoid duplicate, ineffective, missing, or insecure controls.
      • Verify security requirements, guidelines, coding checklist, or policy is available to all developers and testers
    • Access Control Architectural Requirements
    • Input and Output Architectural Requirements
    • Cryptographic Architecture Standards
    • Errors, Logging, and Auditing Architecture
    • Communications Architecture
    • Business Logic Architecture
    • Malicious Software Architecture