Security Engineer II, Blockchain | Trail of Bits | Remote (United States)

Security Engineer II, Blockchain | Trail of Bits | Remote (United States)

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Application ends: October 3, 2024
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Job Description


Trail of Bits seeks a Security Engineer II, Blockchain to join our growing team that is shaping the future of blockchain security. We review blockchain code and smart contracts for security vulnerabilities. We provide strategic advice to our customers, helping them to build more robust software in the long term, and to improve their project’s maturity. 

We build custom tools like Slither, Echidna, and Medusa, among the first blockchain security tools used in practice on real code. We provide our engineers with ample opportunity to build and experiment with new tools between project engagements. Join us to make a career-defining contribution.You will be at the forefront of blockchain security research. You will review blockchain applications for security vulnerabilities using both manual analysis and automated tools. You will leverage your Solidity experience to review blockchain off-chain code or infrastructure, and smart contracts written in such languages.

Other practitioners at Trail of Bits and within the industry will come to rely on your work, and you will make a name for yourself in a nascent discipline.

What You’ll Achieve

  • Code Review: Work directly with leading teams in the blockchain industry to review their code and help secure their products.
  • Problem Solving: Design and implement solutions for difficult engineering and research problems. Provide expert guidance and innovative strategies to address and mitigate security vulnerabilities in client’s blockchain implementations.
  • Tool Maintenance and Improvement: Collaborate with teammates to maintain and continually improve our existing blockchain security tools using modern software engineering practices. Contribute to developing and enhancing open-source tools that Trail of Bits has developed, ensuring they remain cutting-edge and effective in the evolving blockchain landscape.
  • Research and Innovation: Push the boundaries of the industry through research and tooling, contributing to advancing blockchain security practices. Identify emerging threats and develop proactive solutions to address them, position Trail of Bits as a leader in blockchain security.

What You’ll Bring

  • Blockchain Security Engineering Experience: Extensive experience as a blockchain security engineer, with a deep understanding of Solidity security and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), including familiarity with Ethereum Yellow Paper.
  • Proficiency in Solidity: Multiple years working in Solidity, identifying and reporting vulnerabilities, including but not limited to reentrancy, integer overflows/underflows, front-running, and other common Solidity-specific issues.
  • Altchains and off-chain Experience: Altchains and off-chain Experience: Experience with at least one alternative blockchain platform such as Cosmos, Starknet, Substrate, and Solana, and a background in reviewing off-chain components and nodes (in Go or Rust), with a particular emphasis on L1/L2, consensus, VM, and network components.
  • Automated Testing Proficiency. Experience working with fuzzers, CodeQL, or Semgrep, including building harness, writing linting rules, and applying the tools on large codebases 
  • Technical Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a strong emphasis on engaging with customers, writing technical blog posts, and delivering presentations to the technical community.

Reporting Manager: Engineering Director, Blockchain

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